The Righteousness of God Through Faith

As we have all read from Romans 1:18-32 – 2:1-11 about the wrath and judgment of God upon those who continue to reject him and suppress the truth through their unrighteousness and wickedness. We read that God has abandoned those and gave them up to the lusts of their hearts and their debased mind. This […]

Justification by Faith and it’s rewards

The purpose of Jesus death and resurrection was to create a way for us human beings who have continuously and consistently sinned against God, to be reconciled to our creator, our Father. As Paul says in Romans that sin came by one man and so will by one man all be saved. Jesus through his […]

Christians and the Government

Greetings to all. The message I want to send today is with regards to how we as Christians have to behave towards a sitting government. How must Christian behave towards the authority given to and exercised by a government. The reason why I am raising this, it is because of the current E-toll system that […]

Adopted as Sons of God

Greetings in Jesus name Amen, today’s message is titled “Adopted as Sons of God“ Just as a background to our scripture today which is Romans 8:12-18. In this chapter Paul, who is the writer of Romans, explains from verse 1-11 in this chapter that our life is no longer in the flesh but it is […]