God Saves through His Revealed Word

I have been in a number of churches where the word of God is read. In Some churches different books of the Bible are read e.g. they might read verses from psalms, numbers and one of the gospels in one service, while some might read verses from just one book. This is all well and […]

Woman in Church

This is one of, if not the most controversial issue in church today. This is one issue that most pastors will rather avoid. This is one issue that most gender based organizations have been fighting against and continue to fight against even today. The question is, should women be allowed to preach, prophesies or be […]

Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in tongues has become more fashionable these days in my view than any other time in history. Every second person is able to speak in tongues. These people claim that they are speaking in spiritual or angelic tongues. Now a tongue apart from the word referring to an organ of the body, it also […]