God’s Sovereignty in Salvation Part 4

We have already seen that the scriptures makes it very clear that both repentance and faith are gifts from God. We have seen that no human being can ever, on their own, decide to repent and place their faith in Jesus Christ. According to the correct reading and interpretation of scripture, that is clearly not […]

John 6:16-29 Jesus the bread of Life

In this message, we find Jesus still on the eastern side of the Sea of Galilee or the sea of Tiberius. This is after he had fed the 5000 with barley loaves and fish.  John 6:16-29 (ESVST) 16 When evening came, his disciples went down to the sea, 17 got into a boat, and started […]

John 6:1-15

Right at the beginning of chapter 6, we find Jesus whom we left in chapter 5 in Jerusalem, now on the other side of the sea of Galilee also known as the Sea of Tiberius. John does not tell us the exact place Jesus was at, but on the other side of the Sea of […]

The Bread of Life Part 3

We continue now where Jesus had just told the multitude that he will give his flesh which is the bread of life as a sacrifice so that the world may live. This is where we will continue today.  John 6:52-71 (ESVST) The Jews then disputed among themselves, saying, “ How can this man give us […]

The Bread of Life Part 2

In the previous message about the bread of life, we saw Jesus with the multitude of people who followed him on the other side of the sea at Capernaum. These were those people that Jesus fed a night before with bread and fish. They once again came to Jesus in anticipation of another feeding. Jesus […]

The Bread of Life

Today’s message is from the gospel of John chapter 6:30-40. We find Jesus and his disciples at Capernaum after he left those that were following him knowing that they would take him by force to make him King. This was after he had taken 5 barley loaves and 2 fish and fed the multitude of […]