John 1:35-51

Today’s message is John 1:35-51. Here we see Jesus starting to call his disciples. I think just from the beginning I must say this, the account of how the first disciples were called differs from Matthew to John. I know that Matthew, Mark, John and Luke, all had different purposes of writing their gospels and […]

John 1:19-34 -Part 2

In the last message, we ended with John 1:23, where John had just told the priest and the Levites who were send to ask him who he is that he is the voice of the one crying in the wilderness as Isaiah said. Simply telling them that he is the forerunner of Christ. They were […]

John 1:19-34 -Part 1

Today’s passage reads from John 1:19-34. We hear in this passage about the testimony of John about Jesus Christ. It was customary in those days as I have learnt that when a king was about to arrive, a forerunner would be send to announce the imminent arrival of the king. In this instance, John was […]

John 1:1-18

I have decided that we should undertake a task of going through the bible verse by verse. Seems impossible, not really, it has been done before. The aim is to ensure that everyone actually reads and understand the word of God. If I can’t get you to read it, I will read it with you. […]