Malachi 3:6-10 The curse of not paying Tithe!!

I am writing this message out of a sad heart. Sad because of the way I see people, especially the poor, how they are being robbed of their God given money by the so called “men of god”. Sad because I see the poor giving away their last cent to these “men of god” thinking […]

Tithe Part 3

Last message hopefully, on Tithing. Question: I hear that you say tithing is not a requirement and we should not give it. I understand you but, I still want to voluntarily give to the church and my pastor. Can I do that? Well, will be answering that in this message. First of all the question […]

Tithe Part 2

Continuing from my last message on tithe Does God want us to tithe? If so, how? Remember that the original reason for paying tithe was so that we may fear The Lord our God. Remember as well that this original tithe was paid and eaten or spend by the same people that had paid it. […]

Tithe Part 1

Morning all, Today I want to talk about a very controversial issue but one that needs to be addressed nonetheless. TITHE. This word has become a thorn and a stumbling block for most believers and non believers alike. But, to false prophets, it has become a gold mine. 2 Corinthians 2:17 (NIV) Unlike so many, […]