Dishonor God

You will Not Escape God’s Judgement simply because you claim to be a Christian. Romans 2:12-13

Introduction Can we escape God’s Judgement? Imagine being chased by a lion. You have been told all your life that when you see a lion, you must look for a tree and climb it and you will be safe. As the lion is chasing you and getting closer to you, you are so afraid because […]

Romans 4:1-8 – Salvation is by faith plus nothing!

Comment:  To be justified or to be declared righteous before God is a common goal in most religions. However, one of the major differences between Christianity and all other religions is that Christianity is faith based and all other religions are works based. What this means is that all other religions believe that one attains […]

Acts 15 First Council of the Church. The Jerusalem Council Part 2

Acts 15:6-12 (NLTse) So the apostles and elders met together to resolve this issue.  This matter of wether the Gentiles who were being converted must also be circumcised and obey the law of Moses to be saved, was the very reason why the first council called the Jerusalem council was convened to discuss. The question […]

New Wine Old Skin Part 2- Why do people doubt the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ

In the last message we have dealt with the Abrahamic and the Mosaic Covenants and in this message we will deal with the Grace Covenant. THE GRACE OR AS COMMONLY KNOWN, THE NEW COVENANT The contents of the agreement between God, Israel and the Gentiles (as we know that this covenant is inclusive of Gentiles […]

New Wine Old Skin Part 1- Why do people doubt the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ

To those that understand the doctrine of predestination, I just want to say, I am aware of that and take that in mind. If you don’t know it, don’t worry. I say this because it just continues to concern me why we keep holding on to a dead covenant or agreement. There are predominantly 3 […]

Grace of God

Having posted the last part of a five part series today on the old covenant vs the new covenant series or simply the law covenant vs the grace covenant, I just thought it a good idea to show those who still live under the law, what we under grace have and have obtained because of […]

Old Covenant vs New Covenant – Part 4

2) The Grace Covenant A) What is the Grace Covenant? As explained in part 3, the new covenant was replaced since the old one was obsolete and was broken by the Israelites. So in the verse below, God explains to us the new covenant that will be replacing the old or mosaic covenant. God says: […]