Christ the Wisdom and Power of God Part 2 (1 Corinthians 1:25-31 (ESVST))

We said in the previous message, in Part 1, that Jesus Christ is the wisdom and power of God to those that are being saved. Those that are perishing, stumbling block or foolishness. Paul challenged the wise and intelligent of this world and showed that God chose what was considered foolish by the world, to […]

Christ the Wisdom and Power of God Part 1 (1 Corinthians 1:18-24 (ESVST))

Let us look at the first book of Corinthians chapter 1 from verse 18-31. In this first part we will look at verses 18-21. From verse 10-17 of this chapter, Paul addresses the issue of divisions Within the church. It appears that Christians at Corinth were dividing themselves up into those following Paul, Apolos and […]

The Word of God and Apostasy Part 2

God uses his word to call his children back to himself. Jesus came here to fulfill God’s plan to save us from eternal spiritual death and to brings us back to eternal spiritual life. Jesus’s death and resurrection was the ransom that was required to remove us from eternal spiritual death row. Those of us […]

The Word of God and Apostasy Part 1

Jesus at the beginning of Matthews chapter 13 was sitting by the sea when he saw a crowd coming towards him. He went into a boat and sat there and started teaching them. He started by telling them the parable of the sower. To sow in Greek means to scatter seed. So, the sower is […]