Am I truly a Christian or am I lying to myslef? Part 1

Many people will be happy to confess that they are Christians in our country of South Africa. The majority of people, about 80% or more of the population, declares their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Do you confess Jesus as Lord and Saviour and believe in your heart that God raised him […]

Why must we all Glorify God and How? Part 2

Now that we know why we must glorify God, how can we glorify him? What can we do or don’t do, say or don’t say to glorify God? How can we as human beings glorify God? We can glorify God by: Confessing Jesus Christ as Lord Philippians 2:11 (NLTse) and every tongue confess that Jesus […]

Why must we all Glorify God and How? Part 1

We always here this phrase brothers and sisters “Glorify God”. Do we even know what that means? Do we know why we must and do we know how we can do it? In this message, I will try and answer that. What does the word Glorify mean? The word glorify is a verb that comes […]

Was a woman created subordinate to a man? – Part 5

2- Since Jesus paid a ransom for our past, present and future sins, does it mean this punishment in Genesis 3:16 is no longer applicable? Now we all know that Jesus paid with his life so that we don’t. We all know that Jesus died on the cross so that we don’t have to die. […]

Was a woman created subordinate to a man? Part 2

In the last post we clearly showed that a woman was indeed created equal but opposite to a man. We saw that both women and men equally need each other in order to equally comply with God’s instructions of being fruitful, to multiply and rule. Something happened after the creation and this is something that […]

Was a woman created subordinate to a man? Part 1

This is by far these days the most controversial topic in the world of Christianity. We have churches split on those that believe that men and women are equal in all respect and those that believe the opposite. There are women groups that are fighting for women’s rights with some men saying, it is unbiblical. […]

Man made gods: Luck and Coincidence

One of the basic believes of every Christian is and should be that God is in control of everything on earth and in heaven. God is in control of both good and evil. Our consistent failure to live up to this believe, has allowed the devil to create for us man made gods such as […]