Summary of Romans 1-2:1-11 and Preview of Romans 2:12-29 – God’s Judgement is for All

Summary of Romans 1-2:1-11 Paul indicated in Romans chapter 1 that God judges those who refuse to honor Him and give thanks to Him, and those who refuse to acknowledge Him. Paul indicated that God in His judgement, gives them over to be fully controlled by the desires of their hearts and to be fully […]

Consequences of Atheism Part 3 (Worthless Minds) – Romans 1:28 – 32

Introduction In our previous message, we learned that once you suppress the truth, you then refuse to honor God and give thanks to Him, then you start worshipping false gods, which include self worship, then God hands you over to be fully controlled by the desires of your heart, then that leads to sexual immorality, […]

Consequences of Atheism Part 2A – Romans 1:24-26(a)

Introduction In the last message we discussed the first consequences of atheism (a claim that God does not exist) and we saw that it leads to worthless thinking, immorality, foolishness and idolatry. Remember that atheism is a sin of suppressing the truth about God in unrighteousness. We will now look at the second consequence of […]

Atheism does not exist! Romans 1:19-20

Introduction Suppression of the truth versus ignorance of the truth is what Paul will show in our passage today, proving that there is no such thing as an atheist or even atheism for that matter. Paul indicated in verses 15-18, that he is not ashamed of the gospel, because in the gospel lies the power […]