Summary of Romans 1-2:1-11 and Preview of Romans 2:12-29 – God’s Judgement is for All

Summary of Romans 1-2:1-11

Paul indicated in Romans chapter 1 that God judges those who refuse to honor Him and give thanks to Him, and those who refuse to acknowledge Him. Paul indicated that God in His judgement, gives them over to be fully controlled by the desires of their hearts and to be fully controlled by their vain minds. This leads them to sexual immorality and a list of sins listed at the end of chapter 1.

In chapter 2, verses 1-11, then Paul turned to the Jews who would most probably agree with him that these Gentiles deserved God’s judgement. Paul told them that they are hypocrites for making judgements on the Gentiles for the very things that they themselves were doing. Paul indicated to them that simply because God by His kindness, had not judged them yet, it did not mean He will not judge them. He told them that God’s kindness was meant to lead them to repentance and by their refusal to repent, they were storing up wrath for themselves on judgement day. Paul told them that God will judge each one of them based on their works, and based on these, others will receive eternal life, while others will face wrath and fury. Paul concluded this portion by telling them that God will judge all people whether they are Jews or Gentiles. Paul told them that those who do evil, whether Jew or Gentile, there will be tribulation and distress. Those that do good, whether Jew or Gentile, for them there will be glory, honor and peace. This is because God is impartial.

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Summary of Romans 2:12- 29

Paul proved to the Jews in Romans 2:1-11 as discussed above, that they are also sinning just like the Gentiles and they will equally face God’s wrath just like the Gentiles.

In verses 12-24, Jews most probably argued or Paul anticipated them arguing with him saying that, they will be saved from God’s judgement, because they have the written law of God or the written law of God was given to them. Paul responded to this argument and told them that the mere possession of God’s written law, will not save them from God’s judgement, but what will save them is the obedience to that law.

In verses 25-29, Jews most probably argued or Paul anticipated them arguing with him saying that, they will be saved from God’s judgement, because they have indeed obeyed God’s law, because they have been circumcised. Paul responds to this argument by telling them that circumcision alone, without full obedience to God’s written law is valueless and will not save them either.

In Romans 2:12-29, we see how Paul systematically destroys the defenses that the Jews had for thinking that they will escape God’s judgement.


We will from the next message get deeper into these passages and see what Paul actually said and how we as today’s church must respond to it. Read the passages yourself and see if you agree with how I will be presenting them. Your comments are welcome.

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