Part 8 of 8 – Behavior of Sinners?

We have learned so far that sin in the eyes of God is a failure to achieve 100% of the standard of holiness set by God. This means a failure to achieve 100% compliance to all his laws. The laws of God includes the Ten Commandments and all other laws that are found in the bible. The bible as the very word of God, contains the standard of holiness required by God, and given through the law, and how to achieve it. We have also learned so far that from the very beginning sin originated from the devil and came to the world through Adam. The devils makes you question or doubt God and God’s commandments and gives an alternative to God’s law, which he knows our weak flesh cannot resist. The devil uses the desires of the mind, the heart and the body to cause us to sin and to trap us in sin. We have also learned that everyone knows the law and through this knowledge, we realized how sinful we are. We realize this because we compare our lives, what we do or don’t do, and what we say or don’t say with what God expects from us through the law, and we realize that we do not match up and therefore are all sinners. Therefore the purpose of the law was to show us how sinful we are and by this the knowledge of sin came to us. We have also learned now that sin reveals sin through the law, arouses our sinful nature through the law and condemns us to eternal death through the law. Therefore the very thing that fuels sin, the very thing that gives sin it’s power, the very thing that sustains sin, is the law. We have also learned that we are all sinners and we have been sinners from when we were conceived. We have learned that no one except Jesus, can ever claim that they have not sinned or are not sinners. We have also learned that if we claim to be without sin, we make God a liar. Sin resides in our hearts. The punishment for sin is eternal death in hell. So, this means that while we are alive and are sinners and are sinning continuously without repenting, our blessings are withheld, we are excluded from heaven and our sins brings us shame. When we eventually die physically, now that we are already dead spiritually when we practice sin, we will be punished by being sent to hell for eternity. Therefore, sin leads to hell. 

Now how do sinners behave? What is the typical behavior of sinners? This question I ask because I know that sinners are aware that they are sinning and are aware that they are going to hell. This I say on the back of what we have already learned so far. On a day to day, how do sinners justify their sinful lives? Let’s look at that.
Boast of sin Isa. 3:9.
Cannot cease from sinning 2 Pet. 2:14.
Are Dead in sin Eph. 2:1.
Defy God in committing sin Isa. 5:18–19.
Delight in those who commit sin Ps. 10:3; Hos. 7:3; Rom. 1:32.
Encourage themselves in sin Ps 64:5.
Are Encouraged in sin by prosperity Job 21:7–15; Prov. 10:16.
Excuse sin or make excuses for sin Gen. 3:12–13; 1 Sam. 15:13–15.
Expect impunity in sinning. In other words, they expect not to be punished for their sin Pss. 10:11; 50:21; 94:7.
Are Guilty of sin in everything they do. Prov. 21:4; Ezek. 21:24.
Heap up sin. That is, they sin more and more Ps. 78:17; Isa. 30:1.
Are Led by despair or absense of hope to continue in sin Jer. 2:25; 18:12.
Mock at sin Prov. 14:9.
Make excuses for sin 1 Sam. 13:11–12.
Are Servants to sin John 8:34; Rom. 6:16.
Tempt others to sin Gen. 3:6; 1 Kings 16:2; 21:25; Prov. 1:10–14
Throw the blame of sin on God. Gen. 3:12; Jer. 7:10.
Throw the blame of sin on others. Gen. 3:12–13; Exod. 32:22–24.
Try to conceal sin from God. Gen. 3:8, 10, with Job 31:33.
Now this list above is not exhaustive. There are more other things that sinners do that are not listed above but, the above list is enough to give an indication of how sinners on a day to day, behave with regards to sin. What is important is to identify one or more from the list, the behaviour that you do and try and break that habit and repent from your sin while you still can.
Father thank you for allowing us to take a look at our lives and test how our lives match up with your standard of holiness. Thank you for making us realize that we are missing the mark of holiness as set by you and cannot achieve it without Jesus Christ. Thank you for allowing your son, our Lord and God, Jesus Christ, to pay ransom for us so that we may be saved from eternal death that we deserve. Thank you for continually guiding us through the Holy Spirit. We are thankful for your mercy and for your grace, in Jesus name, amen.
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